While each project is different and comes with a unique set of challenges, careful planning is the initial phase of any project. 

Like all home improvement projects, a master suite addition enhances not only your living space but your lifestyle as well. With a master suite, you’re getting your own private space, added room, comfort, and functionality. 

First things first, a plan on how to incorporate your master suite addition to the home’s layout is crucial to the successful completion of the concept you envisioned. For example, what is the desired location of the master suite? Will it be on the ground level or the upper floor? Plumbing, building codes, and the home’s structure are just some of the things you will need to consider before you can make your final decision. When it comes to projects such as this one, reaching out to a reputable San Diego suite addition expert is always the best option.

How do I plan a master suite addition? 

1. Zoning regulations, property lines, and home structure

Once you have determined a location for your addition, you can proceed with giving your contractor the concept design and your requirements. In turn, the room addition expert will inform you of any zoning restrictions or HOA considerations.

Keep in mind that your home’s layout may influence the project plan. Therefore, you must consider the structure of the house and whether it can withstand construction in the desired location of the home.

2. The important elements of the addition

You’ve decided a master suite is the addition you need. Before moving forward, consider the elements that make the difference. Your master bedroom should be your sanctuary, so privacy is what’s most important. Is the room facing the street? If so, this will dictate the layout of the room, such as the window and door placements. What about storage? A walk-in closet and the addition of cabinets and shelves in your master suite bathroom will clear out your room and give it a spacious feel. 

3. Be mindful of the exterior

When adding a room to the existing home’s infrastructure, it should fuse seamlessly into its current architecture. Discuss this with your contractors when choosing the materials, facade, roofline, and other exterior elements.

4. Choose your design and amenities

The master suite of your dreams is nothing without great amenities with the added touch of your style and taste. Consider the following elements when planning your addition:

  • Hardwood or stone flooring
  • Walk-in closet 
  • Lounge area 
  • Heated bathroom floors
  • Hot tub or freestanding tub

Every homeowner has a different aesthetic they wish to implement into their home. Your taste matters, so take your time to find the materials and design you think will best suit your new home addition.  

How much space do you need for a master suite?

A master suite is a bedroom with a private bathroom and a walk-in closet. Typically, these rooms are between 200 and 300 square feet, or around 17 feet wide and 17 feet long. The master suite addition of your choice will depend on the accomplishable size under the project plans. 

Who are the #1 San Diego suite addition experts? 

Are you looking to add a new deluxe addition to your home in La Jolla or another part of the city? With over 30 years in the business, Lars Room Additions is the leading company in San Diego and the region. We boast a team of dedicated professionals that can lead you every step of the way. We’ll assist you with the design and materials, manage and construct any project you envision.  

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Whether your family is expanding, your lifestyle has changed, or you’d simply like to have more privacy and comfort, a master bedroom suite provides that, and so much more. Incorporating it into your home may be challenging, but it’s also part of the creative process. Are you thinking about a master suite on the main floor? Perhaps a master suite on the upper floor may be more suitable for your needs. There are numerous reasons why a master suite addition is most certainly worth your investment and time

Before you decide how to go about adding the suite, you should seek advice from the leading suite addition contractors in San Diego. A qualified expert will walk you through the entire process and make it easier for you to decide your course of action. 

Does adding a master suite add value? 

When it comes to popular room additions, master suites are among the most desired options for homeowners. Not only are you adding extra square footage, but you are also enhancing the functionality and comfort of your private space. With the added amenities, a bathroom, or a walk-in closet, a master suite addition can significantly boost the value of your home. You may not be looking to sell your home just yet, but do keep that in mind when forming the asking price for your property.

Is a master suite addition worth it?

When deciding your room addition project, you’ll want to consider the layout of your home and choose the one that will improve your overall living conditions. There are various benefits to adding a master suite to your home. Here are five advantages to consider: 

1. Stay in your home

As you get older, the hassle of moving to another area or city can take a burden on both body and mind. A master suite addition will rejuvenate your living space and make you fall in love with your home again. An improvement project such as this one will allow you to stay in your home for years to come. 

2. The family is expanding 

With the growth of your family comes the need for extra space. A master suite is just one of many ways you can improve your living quarters. Expand your home and make the addition of a new family member a convenient and smooth transition. 

3. Extra bathroom 

No more standing in line for the bathroom as you get ready for work and the kids prepare for school. By adding a bathroom to your master suite, you’ll save on time, and perhaps even get some extra sleep. 

4. Walk-in closet 

Cluttering up the bedroom and clothes all over the room can now become a thing of the past. Your walk-in closet in your master bedroom provides you with a private dressing room and an organized closet. 

5. Much needed privacy

Whether you need some alone time after a stressful day or want to catch up on your favorite show without any interruptions. With its added bathroom and extra sitting space, the master suite is more like your private mini apartment.

6. Parents or relatives moving in 

As your parents or in-laws start to age, you may offer them to be closer to family. A master bedroom provides them with space of their own without disrupting your way of life. 

Who are the leading suite addition contractors in San Diego & the vicinity?

Is it time to spruce up your home near Balboa Park?  With over 30 years of success in the industry, you can rely on Lars Room Additions for all your project ideas. Our experts will provide you with answers to how to build a master suite, and give you tips on how to design the room

Give yourself the room addition you’ve always wanted with the help of the best team in the San Diego region. Give us a call today and set up a consultation!

Buying a new home tends to be costly, especially in today’s real estate landscape, and moving to a new neighborhood or place can disrupt the family routine and way of life. Whether it’s lifestyle changes, welcoming a new family member, or simply taking the opportunity to increase the home’s square footage to boost its value, a room addition makes a lot of sense for many homeowners. The role of a room addition is not only to enhance the livability in the home, but the existing structure as well, thereby adding value to the home.

The layout of older homes can sometimes make adding an addition challenging. Balancing the old with the new, and retaining the house’s characteristics with contemporary multi-functional design can be tricky, but the Art of Blend is an important factor to consider. While a room addition specialist in San Diego can walk you through the intricacies of adding a room onto your property, planning the project and getting to know the basics is key to a successful modern home addition. 

What to know about adding a modern extension to an old house?

The last thing you want is for your house to stand out, but not for the right reasons. From the misuse of material, sloppy design to an incorrect size of the room addition, there are plenty of things that can cause your project to take a wrong turn. An expert contractor will understand that the art of blending the old with the new is paramount when it comes to a successful home addition. Here are some general suggestions on how to make your addition mesh seamlessly with your existing home.

1. Add the room in the back

A room addition shouldn’t pop out visually and distort the layout of the home. The symmetry can stay intact if extending the house from the back is possible. This way, you’ll be able to maintain the overall look of the home.

2. Be mindful of proportions and details

Whether it is the width of the house, window dimensions, or wall material, making sure the design stays in line with the original proportions of the home is crucial to preserving the characteristics of the home. 

The materials you use will surely differ from those used when the house was built. Still, there are so many more material options available today that can emulate the home’s original look so the extension doesn’t look out of place. Study the proportions and floor plans of the house to get a better understanding of where your addition is best suited to be built. Ignoring the proportions and dimensions of the home can result in an extension that not only looks out of place for the house, but for the entire neighborhood as well. 

3. Size matters

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is taking the “go big” route. Unless it’s a home of larger proportions, huge additions are rarely the answer. While homeowners understandably put their focus on getting more space on the interior, they tend to overlook what the room addition will look like from the outside. The original structure should always be the focal point of the home. However, this doesn’t mean an extension can’t be complementary. 

Which company does great room addition projects across San Diego?

Are you looking to expand your old home with a high-quality, room addition with experts who are masters at The Art of Blend? You can count on Lars Room Additions for premium design and first-class construction. Whether your home is located in the beautiful seaside neighborhood of La Jolla or another part of San Diego, our experts have got you covered for all things room addition. Get your family ready for more room and a better home life with an exquisite new home addition. Get in touch with our pros, and let’s get to work!

Home addition projects are an excellent investment in terms of the boost in value they bring to a home. They are also a fun and creative project that holds endless possibilities. Are you looking to add a sleek, modern kitchen? Or perhaps a compact bump-out for a home office? Small homes are where the creative juices start flowing and where your taste and sense of style really shine. 

You may feel as if your house is too small for a room addition. Reaching out for some expert advice to a reputable San Diego room addition company is always the most practical thing to do. Still, you can find what type of addition is feasible for your property on your own.

How do you add onto a small house?

Regardless of whether you’re looking to extend your living room, create a grand master suite, or add a new guestroom, small homes shouldn’t be restricted by their size or layout. In fact, there’s so much potential there to unlock. Here are five room addition options for you to explore.

1. Modify existing rooms

One of the easiest ways to add an extra room to a small home is to modify an already existing room. Consider spaces like the basement, garage, or attic. These rooms are ideal for transforming. Convert the garage into an extra guest room, build a man cave in the basement, or yourself a gym in the place of the attic. The structural pieces are already in place, so all you’ll need is to take care of plumbing, and some electrical work. 

2. Build above the garage

If you are looking to add some extra space for a lounge area, or a playroom for the children, building above the garage is another innovative way to do so. While it is important to assess building codes for your neighborhood and of course consult with regard to structural soundness, building above the garage can be an excellent way to accomplish your home expansion goals and have your new room addition fit well with the flow of the old house.

3. Add more space by building up

If you are considering building a master suite, or an additional bathroom, these rooms tend to take a significant chunk of space. Building up or adding a second story is a large-scale room addition project that gives you plenty of freedom to improvise and choose the type of room that best suits your requirements. From walk-in closets to luxurious bathrooms, you name it, anything is possible with a second-story addition.

4. Brighten up your home with a sunroom

Take advantage of the beautiful weather with a sunroom addition. Sunrooms are the perfect solution to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home. A sunroom allows plenty of natural light, as they are typically comprised of many windows. Depending on your goals for the space, give careful consideration to how temperate the room will be in different seasons and consult with an expert regarding efficiency with cooling and heating.

5. Create an all-weather mudroom

Keep your home tidy and bid farewell to the clutter around the house with an inventive room addition such as a mudroom. Transform the space in your entryway, or in the back of the house, and section off a part of the porch. With a mudroom you get plenty of storage for shoes, coats, and accessories, and less mess inside your home.

Where do I find San Diego’s #1 room addition company?

Finding dependable room addition experts for your small home can prove challenging but is ultimately rewarding. If you reside in the vibrant Gaslamp Quarter or another neighborhood in San Diego, Lars Room Additions are your go-to room addition experts. Expand your house with a creative addition, and get your family ready for more comfort and overall greater home life. 

Our team renders all types of room additions, from kitchen expansions, ADU constructions to luxe master suites and elegant bathrooms. Reach out to our specialists today to get expert advice on the best addition for your home.

When you first bought your home, it was the perfect fit. It had everything you needed and more. Fast forward some years later, and you find yourself with the realization that simply isn’t the case anymore. Perhaps your family is expanding, or your lifestyle habits have changed. Your best option is to plan out a room addition to your existing home.

Whether it’s a small home in need of an addition or you’re looking to rejuvenate an old house, planning your project requires time and due diligence. Contact your local room addition service experts in San Diego to get a better idea of the viability and complexity of your project.

How do I prepare my house for an addition?

Adding a room to your home and all that comes with such an endeavor can naturally seem like a harrowing ordeal. From altering your family’s daily routine to the construction and overall budgetary concerns, the room addition at first glance looks like a daunting task. Not to fret, when you know what to look for and how to prepare for a seamless transition into a bigger and better living space, you’ll successfully complete what you’ve set out to do. Follow these 4 steps for your room addition project:

1. Highlight the problem

Your home is starting to look small. It lacks space, room to breathe, and mobility is becoming a major issue. Write down and define the problems you’re having. Is a bigger kitchen with more storage space the answer? An ADU to give your elderly parents much-needed extra room? Or perhaps adding a second story to your home is the best solution for your growing family? 

Every home is unique and entails proper analysis. Sit down with your loved ones to figure out what room addition would best suit your family’s needs. 

2. Set a realistic budget

If you have an unlimited budget for your room addition, then you can stop reading now. If that’s not the case, setting a sensible budget is essential when planning a home addition. Define what it is that you actually need, and what is it that you want. Separating the two will help you organize and control your budget in a more realistic fashion. By reserving and calculating the funds in advance, you’ll be able to keep track of your project spending. 

3. Do your due diligence

Get a plot plan of your home to guarantee your room addition is built within property lines. Obtain the necessary building permits to ensure you are not violating any local building codes and regulations. Otherwise, you run the risk of your beautiful new room addition being torn down. 

4. Contact an expert

Most construction professionals agree, this type of building isn’t recommended for DIY types. From the designers and project managers to the builders, hiring a pro for your home addition project is always the safest, and ultimately, best decision. 

Who offers top-quality room addition services in San Diego and the area?

From on-site consultations and 3D design planning to project management and construction, Lars Room Additions has your back every step of the way. Whatever your dream design, whether it be a sunroom or a second story, our experts have the experience and skills to fulfill all your requirements. With over 30 years in the industry and countless satisfied customers, you can rest assured that your San Diego property is in safe hands. 

While our pros get to work, why not take the family for an outing at Balboa Park and enjoy the sunshine. Set up an appointment today! 

No matter the size or scope of the project, any type of home improvement has a list of benefits to go along with it. You’ll increase your home’s functionality and boost its value, but the room addition will transform your family lifestyle and habits. 

As much as the thought of your new home addition may excite you, you can’t allow yourself to think of the final results just yet. Preparing for a project of this magnitude takes a lot of time and planning. For your project experience to be a positive one, getting in touch with a reputable room addition company in San Diego to guide you through this complex process is imperative.

How do I prepare my family for a room addition?

A home addition project doesn’t come without its challenges. Before the construction crew gets set up and the project can begin, you will need to make a specific and well-thought-out plan for how your living situation will look like during the building process.

Getting your family ready for the room addition construction

Once the construction process begins, your family’s daily routine will be disrupted. The emotional toll this can cause is not to be taken lightly. Have a family meeting to make sure everyone is on board with this looming change. You’ll be sharing your personal space with strangers on a daily basis, and depending on the scope of the project, perhaps even months.

This is why everyone must understand that their lives may be turned upside down until the completion of the room addition. For their safety, children in particular should know which rooms are off-limits. Discuss working schedules with your contractor so your family can know what time the workers will be arriving and leaving. 

Staying or going during the home addition construction

Like any construction site, things are about to get very loud, and very dusty. You may want to consider your living options, so don’t wait until the last minute to act. Perhaps you could stay with a friend or relatives for the duration of the construction. If you hire a trusted contractor, you could even seize the opportunity and go on a vacation. If you are staying, plan ahead what rooms will be yours to occupy as the home addition project begins.

Getting your home construction-ready

No matter how big your home addition project is, it’s inevitable that it will affect your entire house. You will need to prepare for the impact of a construction site. Get your home ready to maintain a level of organization and order. 

Take care of your landscaping tasks and put away the patio furniture. Because of unavoidable foot traffic, roll up the rugs to avoid tripping hazards. The adjacent rooms to the home addition will be impacted the most, as they are the closest to the construction. Wrap up any breakable items, remove everything attached to the walls, and drape plastic sheeting over your furniture for dust protection. Hanging poly sheets in doorways and entrances is another great way to slow the spread of dust and dirt as the construction progresses.

What is the #1 room addition company across the San Diego region? 

With over 30 years of excellence, Lars Room Additions has proven to be the definitive room addition company in all of San Diego. Whether it’s a state-of-the-art kitchen, luxe bathroom, or an exquisite master suite, our additions are conducted by the finest craftsmen and constructed with materials of the highest quality. 

Whether it’s a small home adding an extra room or an old house modifying with a modern room addition, our highly skilled team of professionals will guide you every step of the way. From on-site consultations, 3D design planning to the actual construction, Lars Additions will make your home transformation as smooth as possible. 

Let our pros get to work while you and the family enjoy outdoor activities at Point Loma. Get in touch today!

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or a granny flat is a popular concept nowadays. As an additional living space on your property, it can be constructed as a detached or attached unit or as a conversion of a garage or basement. 

Depending on what is feasible on your property and which type you choose, your costs will fluctuate accordingly. With your local accessory dwelling unit builders in San Diego guiding you every step of the way, rest assured you’ll have the best solution for you and your family.

How do you style a granny flat?

These secondary structures can be apartments and studios or even two-story tiny houses. Though ADU’s common use is for renting purposes, you may want the added property for your family’s own use. Make it into a couples retreat from the main house, a great lounge space for gatherings, a luxury guest house for your friends out of town, or as the name suggests, a place where the (grand)parents can live as they age.

No matter the ADU’s goal, you could benefit from following some expert styling suggestions. Here are five tips for your granny flat’s interior design. 

  1. Fusing outdoor & indoor spaces

As a structure typically located in your backyard or at the back of your house, ADU’s should be seamlessly fused with your outdoor space. Make the most out of the natural light that your ADU gets by fitting it with sliding or bi-fold glass doors. They will add a modern and illuminating feeling to the ADU, making it look and feel more spacious. Add an extended porch outside for an outdoor patio feel. Add some chairs and a table, and you have yourself a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee.

  1. ADU storage space

Since a granny flat is generally small in size, storage can present an issue. Make use of the space under the bed by adding drawers or built in shelving systems. Another way to capitalize on storage space is by incorporating medicine cabinets and vanities with under sink storage for toiletries, towels, and small personal appliances.

  1. Choosing the right colors 

Maximize the openness of your granny flat with large windows and plenty of natural light. Choose a lighter, neutral color palette so your rooms feel open and airy. Strategic use of mirrors will help reflect light and make the space seem bigger in size.

  1. Picking furniture

Whether your personal taste leans more towards the minimalist Scandinavian style, the cozy, shabby chic, cottage style, or retro styles of the 50s and 60s with their bright colors and fun designs, you can have a blast mixing and matching the interior of the granny flat. Don’t forget about the outdoor area: use the porch as an extension of the living room by adding some rattan patio furniture.

  1. Making the most of your kitchen

As the central part of any home, the kitchen is a place for family gatherings and cooking sessions. Depending on your space, adding a small kitchen island, peninsula, or eat-in bar top with some stools will save you plenty of space as it can be used as an impromptu dining area. Put your focus on the appliances and pick an updated kitchen design that will complement the overall space. 

Where can I find trustworthy accessory dwelling unit builders in San Diego?

For 30 years, Lars Room Additions has been helping residents in San Diego make their property addition ideas come to life. Our seasoned team of highly skilled specialists always brings their A-game to the table, giving you the absolute best for your room additions, kitchen expansions, ADU construction, and more. Whether you’re in Torrey Pines or down south by the San Diego Bay, our team is on hand to deliver you expert construction and custom design that will spruce up your property. Give us a call today to set up a consultation!

You have some money saved up and you’re looking to invest, but you’re not sure of the route you want to take. Should you buy new property or add an extra unit to your own? Accessory dwelling units (ADU), also known as granny flats, are becoming an attractive option for homeowners looking to expand their property and usable living space. 

A project that homeowners once looked at as unattainable, too costly, and complicated to carry out is now an investment that is considered safe, smart, and above all else, lucrative. Additionally, multigenerational housing is something that many families are looking to achieve and ADU’s can make that possible by providing a separate space for loved ones while allowing them to be under the care of family.  Still, many people that choose to pursue a San Diego house addition have some reservations regarding an ADU’s feasibility, value, and cost. First and foremost, the granny flat should meet the necessary state regulatory requirements before construction. 

Is it worth it to build an ADU? 

Based on the initial cost, some homeowners are put off by the idea of building an ADU. The price per square foot may be high, but if you look at the big picture, you’ll realize that you’ll get a number of perks at a significantly lower cost than if you purchased a new property.

Not only will it increase the resale value of your property, but it will also bring other benefits. California is setting the trend as far as renting ADUs goes. They promise a great return of investment, as the average rent for this kind of unit is above the national average. You can use that extra income for your monthly mortgage or as funds for future investments.

An ADU’s flexibility also allows you to have fun with the use of the space. Do you want to use it as your home office or perhaps a place for the grandparents to stay at? You can make it into a game room or even a couples getaway from the main house and the rest of the family. There are many design possibilities and very few downsides.

Does an ADU increase property value? 

One of the main reasons, and therefore, primary benefits to building an ADU on your property is the resale value that comes with it. Naturally, the ADU will have a significant impact on the overall look and practicality of the property and, ultimately, its value. When designing and embarking on the building project, keep in mind the rest of your property so the ADU doesn’t look out of place once completed.

There are three main kinds of ADUs, and each is ranked differently for its market value. 

  1. Detached ADU – A unit that is separate from the main home is typically the most valuable ADU.
  2. Attached ADU – A unit that is attached to the main property and is the second most valuable ADU.
  3. Conversion – These ADUs are the least expensive to build, and conversions of your garage or basement space are the third most valuable ADU.

What is the best type of ADU for you greatly depends on the budget and property space. The good thing is that you always have viable options.

How much does building an ADU cost?

ADU construction costs vary greatly depending on the property, budget, zoning requirements, and the type of ADU you’re planning to build. Make sure to take into account additional fees such as permits, septic system, landscaping, and other expenses. The most important factor to planning your ADU construction is to work with a reputable San Diego residential home builder who will help you plan appropriately, create a timeline, and clearly outline costs associated with your project.

Where can I find experienced ADU builders for my upcoming San Diego house addition?

Here at Lars Additions, we can advise you on all your options regarding building the best ADU for your property. We’ll walk you through every step of the way, from the initial idea, through to the ADU regulations and finally, its construction and completion.

Lars Additions are your go-to team for ADUs in San Diego and the surrounding areas. Whether your home is situated in the luxurious neighborhood of Rancho Santa Fe or anywhere else in San Diego, we’ve got the best and most skilled specialists on it.

Give us a call today or schedule an appointment via our website!

If you’re running out of space at home, a quality home addition project is probably in order. While a single room addition or conversion of your existing space can bring many perks, full-blown ADU construction is sometimes the only viable option. For example, if there’s a chance of senior family members moving in with you in the near future, this home improvement project may be the best course of action for you.

Before you get the project underway, you’ll have to become acquainted with state laws regulating ADU construction. Read on to learn how to meet the necessary requirements for your ADU build. Then you’ll be ready to contact leading ADU builders in San Diego and get the ball rolling.

What qualifies as an ADU?

While ADU developments can take many different forms, there are certain features that they usually have in common:

  • An ADU is built in addition to a main dwelling unit.
  • ADUs are always smaller than the primary housing unit.
  • They are usually subsequently added to the main residence.
  • An ADU unit and the main residential building have the same owner.
  • ADUs have to meet a variety of state regulations. 

How big can an ADU be in California?

According to the San Diego County Planning & Development Services, an ADU construction that’s attached to the main house can be up to 50% of the size of your family home and no larger than 1,200 square feet. If the ADU is a separate structure, it can be 1,200 square feet in size no matter the square footage of the primary home structure.

What are other ADU regulations?

Every homeowner who wishes to build an ADU has to get a building permit. It is to make sure that the development follows all zoning, building, and safety regulations. If you’re planning to build an ADU addition on your property in Torrey Pines or elsewhere in San Diego, here are some of the state-wide rules that you will be expected to adhere to:

  • The ADU has to be on the same lot as your primary dwelling unit, either attached to or detached from it.
  • The owner can rent the ADU but is unable to sell it separate from the main house.
  • You are required to submit mathematical calculations of the floor plan for both the main and the accessory unit.
  • The garage is the only other secondary unit that can be connected to the ADU unless permitted by an approved Administrative Permit.
  • A detached ADU is restricted to 24’ in height with the exception of multifamily complexes.
  • The ADU should usually include a parking space (barring certain conditions).
  • New ADU construction, either detached or attached, has to follow required front and exterior side yard setbacks and a side and rear setback of at least 4’.

How do I get in touch with experienced ADU builders in San Diego?

What are other ADU regulations

With Lars Room Additions, you shouldn’t have any worries about meeting the legal demands for your new construction. Our experts have a great track record in handling home addition projects across San Diego, including ADU construction, second-story additions, kitchen extensions, bathroom fitting, and many more. 

Lars Room Additions will take you from the initial planning and drafting phase all the way through to the building stage and final granny flat interior design. Count on us for long-lasting quality, easy communication, comprehensive project management, and timeless design. Leave the particulars to us and start thinking about how to put your ADU to good use

Let’s breathe new life into your property and increase its value!

Are you interested in upgrading your property by building a brand new ADU addition? This convenient add-on can be an invaluable asset for every homeowner, whether you need a place for friends to stay over when they visit or a comfortable space for your aging parents.

After you learn some key facts about accessory dwelling units, it will be much easier for you to enter the planning stage of your project. Also, don’t forget to read up on ADU building regulations before you proceed. With the assistance of seasoned San Diego ADU contractors, you’ll soon have it all worked out and ready to take shape.

What is an ADU unit?

How many ADUs are there

The abbreviation ADU stands for accessory dwelling unit, which is an additional housing unit built on a residential property. ADUs are also known as laneway houses as well as granny flats or in-law suites, which reflects their most common use. Although they vary in size, structural form, and use, ADUs are always secondary housing units that homeowners add onto their existing home, either by converting an existing room or by building a new structure. 

How many ADUs are there? 

Generally, there are two main kinds of ADU builds recognized by the state of California: standard and junior. Their main difference is their square footage. Junior accessory dwelling units (JADUs) can be up to 500 square feet in size while a standard ADU can cover up to 1,200 square feet or up to 50% of the main dwelling unit.

There are other distinctions, too. For example, even though both need to include a kitchen, only the full ADU needs to have a bathroom while the JADU can share sanitation facilities with the main house. The JADU requires a separate entrance whereas the ADU may be accessed from the main housing unit. Owner occupancy is necessary in the case of the JADU but it’s usually not if we’re talking about ADUs.

What are the types of ADU units?

According to the California Department of Housing and Community Development, there are three basic kinds of ADU projects based on their placement on your property:

  • Detached units: Your ADU can be built from scratch in the yard, creating a useful, stylishly designed, and versatile space, such as a cozy in-law suite or functional guest space. 
  • Units attached to the main house: An ADU is often connected to the primary housing unit by bumping the existing structure out. This provides easy access to the secondary dwelling unit from the family’s main space.
  • Conversions: An ADU unit could be created by repurposing an existing space. For example, a garage, basement, or loft can be transformed into a convenient home office, workshop, etc.

Where you decide to build your ADU is entirely up to you. Assess your household’s needs and the potential constraints of your space. For example, if you wouldn’t like your new construction to take up precious yard space, you may opt for a conversion instead.

How do I contact the best San Diego ADU contractors?

What are the types of ADU units

Lars Room Additions takes care of every step of your home improvement project, starting with our free on-site consultation. We’ll produce detailed architectural plans and render them in 3D, handle ongoing project management, and regularly fill you in on the progress of our work. 

Our team is made up of trusted home addition specialists who have the extensive know-how to pull off any project. Spend quality time with your family at the San Diego Zoo while our crew performs all construction work diligently and meticulously. Contact us and find out how much an ADU can increase your property’s value first hand!