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Lars Room Additions is a long-standing remodeling company that caters to clients across Carmel Valley and the nearby communities. With over 30 years of industry experience, we’re one of the leading providers of home addition services in California. Whether you’re looking to bump out your kitchen, install a small bathroom, or double the size of your house with an expansive second story or accessory dwelling unit, you can’t go wrong by giving us a call.

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Your property is too important to be entrusted to an inexperienced or unreliable contractor. By choosing an established company with a long tradition and verifiable track record, you'll make sure every aspect of your project is handled with utmost care and expertise. Here are some of the many things we can do for you:
  • Expand the size and functionality of your living area
  • Increase the market value and appeal of your property
  • Provide you with increased comfort and convenience
  • Equip your place with modern fixtures and appliances

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a small room addition worth it?

It depends on the needs of your household. For example, if you have a large family but only a single bathroom, a small bathroom or master bedroom addition can go a long way toward making everyone more comfortable. Likewise, if your property lacks storage space, building an extra storeroom can provide some much-needed functionality and help it attract the right kind of buyer.

Do additions add value to a home?

Any project that increases the total square footage of your house in Carmel Valley is likely to also boost its value and appeal on the real estate market. However, the total value gained can vary widely depending on which type of room addition it is, the age and location of your property, and so on. To learn more, contact us and consult with our experts directly.

How do you add a room addition to your house?

Building a home addition in Carmel Valley is an advanced construction project that requires extensive knowledge, access to specialized materials and hardware, and a crew of qualified tradespeople. Unless you have all of these things, it’s strongly recommended that you hire a reputable remodeling company to handle this project for you. Attempting the DIY route is not only likely to result in failure, but can also be extremely hazardous as well.

How do you thank a home addition contractor?

While our home addition contractors don’t expect tips, they most certainly appreciate them. You can either tip them directly, or by giving the tip to your project manager, who will then ensure it’s evenly distributed among the crew.

Who offers reliable home addition services in Carmel Valley & the vicinity?

For three decades and counting, Lars Room Additions has been providing the good people of California with a comprehensive selection of property expansion services. We’re proud of our many successful projects and long list of loyal clients. Contact us if you need:

We operate throughout Carmel Valley, 92130 and the region, so you can count on us to assist you regardless of whether you’re located right next to the Carmel Valley Pool or in one of the surrounding communities. Don’t hesitate call us if you need:

Get in touch with us and schedule your free, no-strings-attached consultation today. We look forward to giving you the modern and functional house you want and deserve.