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As a renowned room addition company in National City, we strive for excellence with every project we take on. Our dedicated team encompasses a unique skill set, established to take your  concept  and bring it to life. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and top-quality materials, we create personalized projects in line with your preferences. Whether you require an  ADU or a second story addition, planning a bathroom, master suite, or kitchen extension or another type of home improvement, rest assured you’ve got the best on the job.

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With our contractors by your side, you can count on your project being like no other. Our experts will work alongside you to find the most viable option for your living space, guided by your needs and requirements. The completion will result in:
  • A functional space in your home
  • Boosted resale value of your property
  • Unique and tailored solutions
  • Cutting-edge appliances and features

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do home additions cost?

Each project is different, and therefore not easily calculable. Your best option is to contact your local contractors to set up a consultation. Depending on your requirements, budget, and the complexity of your home addition in National City, a professional will be able to determine the accurate estimate and what you can expect not only in terms of the costs, but also duration.

What room addition brings the most value to a house?

The formula is simple. Your improvement project in National City should always boost your home’s functionality and increase its resale value. The room additions that tick both boxes are:

  • A sleek modern kitchen makeover
  • An elegant contemporary master bedroom suite
  • Deluxe accessory dwelling units
  • Complex second-story additions

Here at our company, we render a broad range of projects. Reach out to our experts for an in-home consultation to find the best solution for your property.

Can you live in a home while adding on?

If you’re extending your living room or upgrading your bathroom, your contractors in National City will be able to block off the construction area to make it safe and cause as little disruption as possible to daily life for you and your family.

However, if your project is one that requires closing off entire sections of the home, such as adding a second story, you’ll probably need to find a place to stay for the duration of the project. A hotel or staying with friends or relatives are all viable options. Consult with your contractor to get a better idea of how long the construction of the home addition will take and whether you’ll be able to stay on your property.

Who are the #1 room addition contractors in National City & the area?

We are a renowned and trusted room addition company in the San Diego region, offering comprehensive project management and construction services to local residents across San Diego. With the help of our detailed-oriented designers and seasoned craftsmen, we’ll create the home of your dreams. Choose from our broad range of services, including:

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Whether you are located near St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church or by Mile of Cars, you can reach out to us for all types of home additions . We’ll provide you with our expert consultants for on-site estimates, designs and construction. Also, our services aren’t limited to residents of National City, 91950. We also provide:

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